Covidtrace App is a private and anonymous contact tracing system that works in conjunction with hospitals and governments to identify and alert users that may have been in contact with a recently infected person with the novel coronavirus.

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How it works

When two phones are nearby the exchange and encrypted secure tracing identifier, which is then stored on their respective phones, if a user get infected with Covid-19 the relevant authorities contact the user to access the covid trace app data, which include the list of secure tracing identifiers that the phone has been in close proximity to.

A complete white label solution offering to all countries or health institutions

This white label system is a brand new innovative solution in these critical times we are facing. It is a humanitarian reach. It’s a software solution that massifies official alerts from the government on facts about the infection’s symptoms & developments, informs users about their likelihood of COVID-19 infection, even to those nearby users without an internet connection.

How Does the System work

Step by Step Description

The Smartphone Application:

  • The app connects device to device, even those ones without an internet connection, which enables authorities to track each device with a unique device ID. NO personal information will ever be shared.
  • We respect and continue to honor people’s privacy. The device ID number is a random number and different from the users’ cellular number. Essentially, no one will know the name or personal information of anyone who tested positive.
  • The mobile application will run in the background and track and store the unique device ID of nearby devices that are also running the app.

The Healthcare Web Portal:

  • The web portal will aggregate the data from the smartphones (Only Unique ID numbers).
  • Medical personnel can interact with the web portal to upload the health status of tested Citizens.
  • When an app user is tested positive for COVID-19, other app users that were in close contact with that person will be alerted to go get tested or to start a preventive quarantine immediately. 
  • The health status of the patient can be modified once there is a change.

The Healthcare Web Portal:

  • Government authorities can interact with the web portal with the purpose of distributing information to citizens using the app (no disclosure of personal information).
  • Through the portal, citizens will receive broadcast information from Government authorities and health recommendations at all times.

Impact of the System

A group of scientists based at the Big Data Institute at Oxford University shared a new research on the spread of the novel coronavirus and came to the conclusion that the pandemic can be stopped by using a mobile app that can tap into cellphone location data to track the spread of infection and warn people who may have been exposed.

Research from Oxford University

“We need a fast and effective mobile app for alerting people who have been exposed. Our mathematical modeling suggests that traditional public health contact tracing methods are too slow to keep up with this virus,”
said Professor Christophe Fraser from Oxford University’s Big Data Institute,
Nuffield Department of Medicine.

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